Greetings My Name is Richard Harris, my friends and customers call me Dick. I live in Rector Arkansas and I have been selling on EBay for about 4 years, and have made many friends in the knife business. I own and operate a NAPA Auto repair shop where Iím the service manager, head mechanic, plummer, custodian, electrician, cook and bottle washer and anything else that needs to be done. Iím 61 years young and open my shop at 9 am to 6pm my wife had strokes in 99 and is paralyzed in her right arm and she canít speak. She can get around the house pretty good but I do all the cooking and cleaning and take care of her. I have learned to be a pretty good cook after some mistakes but she was an excellent cook and is a good teacher. After supper at night I work on the computer for 5 or 6 hrs on my listings. It keeps me busy as my knife business is growing all the time, which is good because I know sooner or later I will have to close the shop and be at home all the time.

I specialize in Yellowhorse knives and am good friends with David, Brian and Ron Yellowhorse and visit them a couple times a year besides the blade shows we go to, and they have came and stayed with me and I showed them around Arkansas. I also deal in Lone Wolf knives and specialty knives from Santť Fe Stone works some of the knives and themes you see are my own creations.

I have found the people who collect knives are some of the most friendly and honest people I have ever dealt with and I have been self employed all my life and have met every type of person there is. I have always said a beautiful knife is like a beautiful woman hard to find and worth holding on to.

I hope you enjoy my store and products, I try to make them pleasant to view and comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

If you have any questions give me a call at (870)595-2517.

Dick Harris

Yellowhorse Fans!!!
Realizing that times are difficult right now, I would like to allow you the option of making an offer on any knife of your choosing. If you see something that you would really like to have but cannot afford my price, email me an offer or give me a call (870) 236 -0133 and lets try to work out a deal. I hope to hear from you soon, if for nothing else just to talk about knives for a while, and maybe we can solve a few of the worlds problems too.
I also buy and sell knife collections outright. If you are looking for someone to sell your knives, then give me a call to discuss consignment of your collection.